Free Telltale game – Back To The future The Game – Episode 1

By | May 28, 2011

back to the future episode 1 - free

Telltale Games ran an offer a while back giving away Free copies of Back to the Future The Game – Episode 1 before the game came out. It looks like it’s permanently free now possibly? All you have to do is register on their site. It’s one of their episodic adventure games. If the above link doesn’t work click here to try from the offer page. If that doesn’t work you can try entering the coupon code manually, which is 121GIGAWATTS.

I have it and the way it works is you log into your account and there will be a download link for the game. Also on that page is a serial number. After the game is installed you have to enter your serial I think. But then when you play the game you log in with your telltale games account info. Then you just select the episode you want to play and hit the ‘play’ button.

Couple of issues I’ve noticed:

  1. If you play the game and then exit; after you log back in to try to play again, selecting the ‘play’ button does nothing. To work around this issue, you need to right click on the BTTF shortcut and select “Run as Administrator”. That allowed me to go in and play without having to reinstall the game, which is option B (terrible option).
  2. Another issue I’ve noticed is the Telltale Games site goes down for no reason at times. And when this happens, I guess their logon servers for the game also go down or something. So trying to log onto the game won’t work. Meaning you’ll be unable to play until they go back up.

Those issues aside, this game is pretty fun. The animation is OK. Not great. I get a nerdgasm every time the BTTF theme song starts playing lol. Makes me want to watch all the movies back to back to back.

I’ll add this to the Free games list.

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