Free Games on Steam, D2D, Impulse, Desura, GamersGate, more

By | May 8, 2011

This is a list of free games on Steam, GameFly, GameStop, Desura, GamersGate, Amazon, and more. Instead of one-off deals, this will probably just contain the permanently free games. Also this is just a list of games that are free on the digital distribution sites. I might do a list of free games not on the digital distribution sites later.

Last Updated 11/24/2011. Latest updates at the top.

  • Updated link for Sam & Max 104 on Steam.
  • Added EA Store section. Added BattleForge for EADM.
  • Added Sandlot Games Free Game of the Week.
  • Added links to the digital distribution services.


Free Steam Games

For the ‘Install’ links to work, you have to have Steam installed to download the game. Sometimes a game download remains on Steam while the storefront page gets removed so you’ll only see an install link. This thread on the Steam forums is usually updated with the current free games on Steam.


Free Downloads on Games for Windows Live

  • Tinker – Free puzzle game starring a cute little robot.


Free PC Game Downloads on Amazon

  • Big Kahuna Reef – This game is almost always free for download. It’s an addicting casual puzzle game.


Free Games on GameStop Impulse Driven


Free Game Downloads at Good Old Games (GOG)

You can see the list of games currently free on GOG here.


Free Desura Games

This site has a great list of free mods for games also. You can see the list of mods here.


EA Origin

  • BattleForgeYou can also download the game directly at the official site. F2P with in-game cards you can purchase. Or you can earn them with in-game money. Also free on Steam.

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    You should update again. There’s a bunch of other free games on steam, listed here:¬† This list is updated whenever a new free game appears.

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