Indie Royale: The Shoe Bundle

Indie Royale has The Shoe Bundle live at their site. Pay the minimum (currently $3.90) for: Stealth Bastard Deluxe (Steam, Desura, DRM free) Savant: Ascent (Steam, Desura, DRM free) Mr. Bree+ (Steam, Desura, DRM free) Jack Lumber (Steam, Desura, DRM free) FLY’N (Steam, Desura, DRM free) Oozi: Earth Adventure (Steam, Desura, DRM free) Akane the […]

Get Games: Mac Summer Sale; Some Steamplay

Get Games has a Mac Summer Sale going on. All Aspyr titles. Some of the games are Steamplay. Civilization IV $9.99 (Steam) Civilization IV – Beyond the Sword $4.99 (Steam) Civilization IV – Colonization $9.99 (Steam) Civilization IV – The Complete Edition $14.99 (Steam) Civilization IV – Warlords $2.49 (Steam) Civilization V – Scrambled Nations […]