Project Zomboid Alpha Tech-Demo Released

By | May 28, 2011

I’ve been following the Project Zomboid game very closely ever since I read about it. It’s a sandbox style Zombie game with crafting. It’s an isometric style game. When I think of isometric zombie game, I think of Zombies Ate My Neighbors for SNES. That was definitely one of my favorite games for that system. As Gamepro used to say, it had a lot of fun factor.PZ definitely has a darker tone to it but I love the ideas coming out of the project.

They’ve had a lot of issues with Paypal and Google Checkout because they don’t actually have a competed product to sell yet. So Paypal and Google were locking their funds up and it was just a nightmare for them. So to get around this they started selling some of their older projects, which are games you’ll probably never play and they throw in a free copy of PZ. Basically you’re buying PZ, but not actually.

So to play the tech-demo you have to actually buy the game. They will release a public demo shortly but they’re limiting the alpha so there won’t be too much negative feedback, because it will definitely be a buggy mess.

(Also if you use IE 8, their “Home    Links    Forum” links will be messed up in the navbar. So you have to click on one of their subpages before you can see those links. I only know because we have to use IE at work).

Click here to read more at the Project Zomboid page.

Also I’ve noticed the site is loading slow as fuuuuuuu. I have no idea why. It might be a theme issue, but I tried using the default and it doesn’t really do anything. It might have been because of me messing around with the site last night but I think it might be a dbase issue because it’s happening to only my wordpress sites right now. Hopefully, I’ll figure it out or I’ll just get drunk. One or the other. My cpanel is showing 100% cpu load, which makes no sense either. I opened a heat ticket so we’ll see what my webhost says.

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