Save 15/20% off on the Hottest Games in March @ Direct2Drive

By | March 29, 2011

This is an OK deal over at Direct2Drive (D2D). If you use the coupon code MARCHMAYHEM you will save 15% off a number of games.

Currently there is a 20% off promotion code that will save you more cash than the above code. Obviously, you’d be better of using the 20% off code but I have no idea when it expires. Ideally what happens is D2D puts up one or two of these games up for sale as a daily deal and then you stack the coupon code on top.

The 20% off code is: CAG

The prices in RED are after the 20% code.
The prices in GREEN are after the 15% code.
The last price is the retail price of the PC game.

The following games cost: $47.96 / $50.96 / $59.95

The following games cost: $39.96 / $42.46 / $49.95

The following games cost: $23.96 / $25.46 / $29.95

Dead Space 2$31.96 / $33.96 / $39.95
$7.96 / $8.46 / $9.95

The only deals I can see right now would be (maybe) DA2, AC: Brotherhood Deluxe, Crysis 2, TW: SHOGUN 2, Warhammer 40k, and Magicka. Like I said, hopefully a few of these games will go up as daily deals for extra savings.

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