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Weekend Impulse Buys. Medal of Honor, Laxius Force, and more

 The Impulse Driven Impulse Weekend Buys are up. However, only MoH really catches my attention. Medal of Honor = $9.99 ($29.99). Might be able to activate on EADM aka Origin. Rest of the Deals: Focus Home RPG Bundle = $9.99 – Comes with Silverfall, Silverfall: Earth Awakening, and Loki Laxius Force Heroes Never Die = $7.50… Read More »

JRPG Week at GamersGate. Deals on Recettear, Aveyond, more

It’s JRPG Week at GamersGate and some Japanese role playing games are up to 60% off. – Recettear: An Item Shop’s Tale – $9.98 – Hero’s Tale Enhanced Edition – $3.98 – Shira Oka – Second Chances – $12.50 – Laxius Force II The Queen of Adretana – $7.50 – Laxius Force Heroes Never Die… Read More »