Weekend Impulse Buys. Medal of Honor, Laxius Force, and more

By | June 9, 2011

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 The Impulse Driven Impulse Weekend Buys are up. However, only MoH really catches my attention.

  • Medal of Honor = $9.99 ($29.99). Might be able to activate on EADM aka Origin.

Rest of the Deals:

  • Focus Home RPG Bundle = $9.99 – Comes with Silverfall, Silverfall: Earth Awakening, and Loki
  • Laxius Force Heroes Never Die = $7.50 ($15.00)
  • Laxius Force II = $12.49 ($24.99)
  • Return to Mysterious Island Bundle = $17.49 ($34.99). Comes with Return to Mysterious Island and Return to Mysterious Island II.
  • Patrician III = $9.99 ($19.99)
  • Shadowgrounds Survivor = $7.49 ($14.99). If you’re going to buy this game, buy it on Steam because it’s part of the Frozenbyte bundle, which comes with 2 other games and it’s only $4.50. I think that deal expires today though. Read about the Steam Frozenbyte Deal here.

I’ve been playing a lot of Bad Company 2 lately. Took a day or two to get used to the play style after playing Black Ops all of last weekend. I still wreck the chopper on a consisten basis and I hate how there’s no cl_zoom_sensitivity option for when you’re using a sniper rifle. Now that I think about it. Every other gun makes you slow down as hell, when you’re using the iron sights. But when you zoom in with the Sniper rifles you aim with the same sensitivity, which makes no sense at all. I unlocked the AWP though. It’s pretty beast. I think I’m level 10 now woo. Anyway, I think if you pre-ordered MoH, you get free acess to the BF3 beta. Makes me jelly. (Edit: I don’t usually snipe though. I play mainly Rush atm and too many recon players just means your team loses.)

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