Steam: Exploration Sale; 11/26 – 12/2

By | November 26, 2014

Steam is running an Exploration Sale (aka fall sale) from 11/26 – 12/2. New daily deals every day.

Wait until the last day of the sale before you buy a game unless it goes up as a daily deal. That’s usually the biggest discount you’ll get for the game.

Daily deals for Wednesday, November 26, 2014:
Watch_Dogs $30
Watch_Dogs Deluxe Edition $35
Watch_Dogs DLC 50% off.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive $7.49 –¬†Should be an interesting DreamHack after the whole cheating scandal.
Counter-Strike Complete $10.19
Valve Complete Pack $25

The Evil Within $20.39
Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth $35

Lords Of The Fallen Digital Deluxe Edition $30
Lords Of The Fallen DLC 25-40% off.

Goat Simulator $5
The Long Dark $10

Don’t Starve $3.74
Don’t Starve + Reign of Giants DLC $6.45
Don’t Starve + Reign of Giants 2-Pack $9.67
Don’t Starve: Reign of Giants $2.49
Don’t Starve Soundtrack $

Company of Heroes 2 $10
Company of Heroes Franchise Edition $25
Company of Heroes 2 – The Western Front Armies $6.79
Company of Heroes 2 DLC 75% off.

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