Square Enix Sale at Nuuvem, 3/16 – 3/23

By | March 17, 2012

Nuuvem is a new site that a lot of people have been mentioning. Lots of great deals from them recently. It’s a Brazilian site but they have good reviews and it’s a great way to pick up cheap games. Their current promotion is a Square Enix sale that lasts from March 16 – March 23. You might need to use google translate if you can’t understand something.


You can use the following site to convert prices from Brazilian Reals to US Dollars:

Games that activate on Steam:

  • Deux Ex: Human Revolution = $8.28
  • Dungeon Siege III = $8.28
  • Just Cause 2 = $8.28
  • Lara: Croft Guardian of Light = $9.39
  • Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days =$8.83

Other Game Deals:

  • Battlestations Pacific = $8.83
  • Supreme Commander 2 = $9.39
  • Legacy of Kain = $8.28
  • Defiance Championship Manager 5 = $8.28

Best deals are definitely on Deus Ex and DS3. For some reason I thought Supreme Commander 2 was a STeamworks game but it doesn’t say so in the description like the games listed above.

Click here to see the Square Enix Sale at Nuuvem.

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