Indie Face Kick (IFK) Wham Bam Bundle up for pre-order

By | March 14, 2012

The Indie Face Kick (IFK) Wham Bam Bundle is finally up for pre-order. The pre-order price is $8, which is 20% off. Alternatively, you can pre-order the bundle for $16 and you’ll get a free Limited Edition IFK t-shirt. (Note that there’s no pictures currently available of the t-shirt yet. There’s going to be a vote on their Steam page for the design of the shirt. You will be able to select the size and there will be no extra charge for shipping).

indie face kick bundle

Sol Survivor | Steam Page | 75/100 metascore
Still Life 2 | Steam Page | 67/100 metascore
Booster Trooper | Steam Page
PAM – Post Apocalyptic Mayhem | Steam Page | 44/100 metascore
Avencast: Rise of the Mage | Steam Page | 68/100 metascore
Dead Horde | Steam Page | 45/100 metascore
Runespell: Overture | Steam Page | 69/100 metascore
Greed: Black Border | Steam Page

20% of profits from the bundle go to charity.

IMPORTANT: Originally the web page for the bundle or the site behind the bundle had a ad for a shady Steam CD key selling site and they got a lot of flack for it. They removed the offending ad and some of the devs have spoken up about the bundle and have confirmed it’s authenticity. Thanks to reader Chua for bringing this to my attention.

sharing this before you guys buying :

So buyer beware folks. Do your research! The creators of the bundle have been posting to their Steam Community group page:

I’m still on the fence for the bundle. Apparently I already own half the games from the bundle and I went to pick up my motorcycle today and apparently my damn battery is pretty much dead o_O. Need to get a new one apparently :/.

Click here to see the official page for the IFK Wham Bam Pow! Bundle.

2 thoughts on “Indie Face Kick (IFK) Wham Bam Bundle up for pre-order

  1. az

    well i have ordered it… little suss in the fact you click on “pre-order” get taken to paypal, it takes your payment and thats it. No signing up, no giving a email, no real info provided to the website etc.

    *fingers crossed* Hope i didn’t get fleeced :-/

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