The Darkness II: LE Pre-order 25% Off at GMG, Requires Steam (Dead)

By | January 19, 2012

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The Darkness II: Limited Edition is up for pre-order at Green Man Gaming. Right now they have a promo going on and the pre-order is 25% off.

The game requires Steam, but I’m not 100% sure if it uses Steamworks. However, I believe most of the recent 2K releases (DNF, Civ5. Borderlands used GFWL) have been Steamworks, so it’s probably safe to assume this title will also use Steamworks.

It looks like GMG is doing regional pricing for this title, so prices may vary.

There’s no PC demo available for the game at the moment but there is a 15 minute Xbox 360 demo available. According to this page, there should be a demo for the PC version released on Steam on Tuesday, January 24th.

This game looks pretty sweet from the screenshots/video but I’ve been fooled before (IE. Brink).

Update: This deal is now dead, but GMG has released a 25% off unreleased games voucher that essentially works out to be the same deal.

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