Modern Warfare 3 preorder now $56.99 + $10 credit at Amazon

By | November 7, 2011

A quick follow up to my Modern Warfare 3 pre-order post.

The game comes out tomorrow so today’s the last day to pre-order. The Amazon price for the PC digital download is now 5% off, which makes it $56.99. It comes with the $10 credit for a future digital game purchase.

MW3 requires Steam.

I’m still on the fence on this because I remember last Black Friday there was a midnight deal on Black Ops. The game was like $25 for something like 30 minutes… (Boxed copy)

Always takes forever for these MW games to go on sale.

I’m definitely not a MW fanboy either, I bought a Dr. Pepper so I could get a “Bye Kitty” dog tag lol. Been looking for a place that sells a 6 pack with the promo bottles so I can get the rest too… Save me Jebus.

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