19 Days of Deals at Amazon, Action Day

By | November 30, 2011

Amazon has a new sale going on. It’s called the 19 Days of Deals.

Every day there’s a new set of games on sale that fit a certain theme. Today’s theme is Action Day. Action games are on sale.

payday the heist

The games on sale are:

  • Rift = $7.50 – MMO
  • Rift Ashes of History Collector’s Edition = $9.99
  • PAYDAY The Heist = $9.99
    • This review on Amazon suggest the game uses Steamworks, but I don’t really know for sure. I picked this up during the Autumn sale for the same price and I think it’s really fun. I’ve only played online co-op games. One thing that’s strange is there’s no way to tweak video options at all. You can only change the resolution and brightness. The animation can be kind of dated looking. The gameplay definitely has a Left 4 Dead feel to it. Requires teamwork otherwise you can get killed quick Bonnie and Clyde style. It can be tough to find a game at night. Otherwise there’s usually 4 or 5 games starting at least. Uses a lobby system.
    • Update: Looks like Amazon has an extra bullet in their product descriptions now. It says Steam is required for PAYDAY so this is a Steamworks game.
  • Cryostasis – Sleep of Reason = $1.95 – Survival Horror game
  • Elven Legacy Collection = $3.75
  • NecroVision = $1.95
  • Fantasy Wars = $2.25
  • Men of War Red Tide = $3.75
  • Mata Hari = $1.99
  • The First Templar = $5.99
  • Helldorado = $1.99

When you purchase any of the above games you get a $5 credit to use on their best selling games of 2011 between January 1, 2012 and January 31, 2012.

Click here to see the Action Day deals at the 19 Days of Deals Sale at Amazon.

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  1. Виталий Кошман

    Fuck this idiotic amazon.com. Why cant they sell games for citizens of EU, not only for USA!?!? I hate this :(

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