Battlefield 3 VPN / Proxy Trick. Play BF3 Now or wait?

By | October 24, 2011

The official release date for Battlefield 3 in North America is 10/25. Apparently some people got an email and it unlocks on 10/24 now. I’ve been hearing possibly 10PM EST. No confirmation though.

However, some people have been playing all day. How? By using a VPN/Proxy Trick.

Don7blink posted this on pixelenemy earlier:

How to unlock Battlefield 3 early on the PC:
1. Search Windows for “proxy”
2. Click “configure proxy server”
3. Click “LAN settings”
4. Check “use a proxy server for LAN”
5. Input this IP:
6. Input this port: 8080
7. Run the release date check by launching Battlefield 3 on Origin
8. If the release date check fails, click “retry”
9. Once it succeeds, disable the proxy
10. Enjoy playing Battlefield 3!

If you need a Korean proxy:

In case you need a working vpn for korea
control panel -> internet settings -> connections -> lan settings
put it in the proxy, reload origin activate, disable proxy and play

zh1nt0 posted this about the vpn/proxy trick:

It isn’t illegal but we would advise against doing it and instead wait for the launch day of your territory.

BTW make sure to download the latest video drivers:

Make sure to upgrade your Origin client to the latest version.

The battlelog is available also.

OK now that you know how to do it it’s up to you to wait for the official release or start playing if you can’t wait.

I’ve heard single player is kind of lacking. Co-op sounds like it’s fun. Multiplayer being awesome is a given.

14 thoughts on “Battlefield 3 VPN / Proxy Trick. Play BF3 Now or wait?

      1. Barinit

        it doesnt work when the internet explorer page opens up i click on cam[paign and it tells me that the game needs to be installed?????

    1. Trach

      It’s not 2 hours early for some of us, it is 2 days. Australia has to wait until the 27th, and other regions have to wait until the 28th. I feel like trying heroin to take the edge off until then… or I might just try the VPN.

  1. darkocean

    Great.. almost what i wanted !@# I need the same thing but for world of warcraft! Indon’t know anything on how to set it up for a proxy. please email me at if you can help, thank you!!

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