War Games 20% off with Voucher Code at Green Man Gaming

By | September 16, 2011

Green Man Gaming has put out a new voucher code good for 20% off war games. You can use it the new Red Orchestra Game. Specifically the Deluxe Edition, which is on sale for $49.45 currently. After the code it comes to $39.56 and it activates on Steam.

Another one you can use it on is the RTS / First-person hybrid game; Nuclear Dawn. It’s in beta right now and pre-ordering it gets you acess to the beta. It uses Steamworks so you’ll need Steam to activate it. Haven’t played it but it sounds similar to Natural Selection. After the coupon it comes to $16.96 ($24.95 on sale currently for $21.20).

Side note but another RTS/FPS game/mod that I really liked was Zombie Master. It was so much fun!

The voucher code is: WORLD-ATWAR-20PEC

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