Pre-order Battlefield 3, get Dead Space 2 Free at Origin

By | September 16, 2011

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Here’s a great pre-order deal for Battlefield 3 at the EA Origin Store. If you pre-order a digital download copy of BF3 you’ll get a free digital download copy of Dead Space 2. The awesome thing is you can stack a 25% off birthday promo code even though it says you can’t combine a coupon with the deal in the terms and conditions.

Battlefield 3

So for $44.99 you get:

  • Pre-order of Battlefield 3
  • Dead Space 2
  • 48 hours early beta access
  • Physical war pack
  • Battlefield Play4free dlc items (worthless IMHO)

This promotion ends on September 19, so you do have time to get a promo code using the Origin BD promo code trick step by step.

Here are some Birthday coupons. One-time use. Good for 25% off at the Origin store.

  • fbpu3i8m9b673oo
  • 4r2bz4q94298g9f
  • 7884w698rb3uj2a
  • 7239n2nx7gqb339
  • b3z49xbwyu22tqn
  • ur7vq326a4m2za8
  • 62a3a2n34h36uub
  • 9bhb8a2a3t9q929
  • j33nt9a47672yu7
  • fe39d984qj223pr

EDIT2: Here are some new codes (9/18):

  • 6234e84a86ao664
  • 9bfdm844pj4yow3
  • f4b9m2j8b7j233t
  • 43uxi88bny2b876
  • 2b42ug2792xb29b
  • 7i43w3rw96p739z
  • 2u4ix92ezg3vx2u
  • 9ya7qa8mubufrb4
  • 6a29i8az78u7bpb

Edit: These codes only work in US/Canada I think.

By the way, if you’ve already pre-ordered a copy you can try contacting support if it was within the past week or so. They may add the game to your account anyway. It happened the last time they ran a similar promo. Customer chat might be the easiest/fastest. Make sure to have your order # ready.

Click here to see the Battlefield 3 + Dead Space 2 pre-order deal at EA Origin.

2 thoughts on “Pre-order Battlefield 3, get Dead Space 2 Free at Origin

  1. Non

    thanks so much for the birthday code, was trying to get one myself but it never worked, add dead space 2 in there and thats a hell of a deal, thanks again btw i used the first code.

  2. Baer

    Can you confim that all the codes are gone? none is working for me :-(
    Or would you be so kind to send me one never used by email?

    Thank so much for your brilliant page, helps me so safe a lot of money

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