New 20% off Voucher code at Green Man Gaming. Exp 9/12

By | September 8, 2011

Green Man Gaming has put out a new 20% off voucher code to apologize for the Dead Island Key shortage they’ve been having. The promo code is: GREEN-MANGA-MING1

green man gaming

It expires on 9/12. I think there might be another one that they posted on their Exclusive tab on their Facebook page but I can’t check at the moment.

Code would be great for Batman Arkham City pre-orders, Red Orchestra 2, Tropico 4, etc. GMG is my go to site for pre-orders currently. Hoping they put up Serious Sam 3 and I’m still waiting to pre-order that Lord of the Rings: War in the North ¬†game.

Also, for those that bought Dead Island. We’re all getting codes for the Blood Bath DLC! I think this is due to the whole uploading the dev build to Steam issue.

Green Man Gaming Link.


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