Humble Frozen Synapse Bundle, Pay what you want

By | September 28, 2011

The new Humble Bundle is up! This time around it’s the Humble Frozen Synapse Bundle. Basically, you pay what you want for a copy of Frozen Synapse. Regular price being $25. It should activate on Steam and possibly Desura.

If you pay more than the current average, you get a free copy of the Humble Frozenbyte Bundle also! That bundle includes Shadowgrounds: Survivor, Shadowgrounds, Trine, Jack Claw, Splot. I believe the first 3 activate on Steam.

EDIT: From the FAQ:

Install them as many times as you like AND redeem them on Steam, Direct2Drive, and Desura!
On your download page, you can optionally get a key to redeem your bundle games on Steam, Direct2Drive, and Desura. In addition, you can redeem Trine on OnLive.

Please note that Splot and Jack Claw are not available on these services though.

The way the Humble Bundle deals work is an indie game or indie games are bundled up. You pay what you want for the bundle. You can allocate specific percentages of your purchase price to go to Frozen Synapse, Frozenbyte, EFF, Child’s Play, or a tip to the Humble Bundle itself.

The Humble Frozen Synapse Bundle deal expires in about 14 days.

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