Game Deals at Steam, GamersGate, Big Fish, and more for 6/29

By | June 29, 2011

Real busy so an all-in-one game deals post.

GamersGate and GamersGate UK Deals


  • Daily Deal – Frontlines: Fuel of War = $5 / £ 2.50 / 2,50€
  • Only posted for those that can’t access Steam at work. This game isn’t really worth it IMHO. It’s been under $6 at Amazon as PC download for the longest time now too so you’re not even saving that much. Pick up Bad Company 2 instead. There’s a deal going on tonight at the EA Origin Store.

EA Origin Store

  • Tonight there should be another EA Insider deal unlocked good for 70% off Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (~$6) and Battlefield: Bad Company 2: Vietnam (~$4.50). The deal is for US/Canada and PC download only. The deal should unlock around 5pm PST. EA will post a coupon code on their Facebook page. I’ll try to make a post with the code or at least Tweet it but I’ve been playing a lot of games at night recently. Quake Live, Bad Company 2, CS 1.6, Killing Floor… Messing up my gym time. Quake Live is F2P btw.

Direct2Drive and D2D UK

  • Midweek Munchies Deal – Mass Effect 2 = $4.95 / £4.95
  • Note that none of the 15% off promo coupon codes are working and it doesn’t look like the link to generate a new one is working either atm. Still a great deal though.

Good Old Games (GOG)

Big Fish Games

  • Catch of the Week – Redrum: Time Lies is on sale for $2.99 until Monday. (PC Only)
  • Daily Deal – Musaic Box = $2.99 for today only (PC Only)

Amazon Digital Game Download Deals

Get Games

  • FEAR 3 is 25% off if you use the coupon code GGFEAR at checkout. This is a UK based site. Works out to about $37.46 / £22.49 / 37,46€. Think this game uses Steamworks so it should activate on Steam.

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