Steam Weeklong Deal. APOX + the new APOX Legend DLC 50% off

By | May 16, 2011

The Steam Weeklong Deal Weekly Deal is up. To celebrate the release of the new APOX Legend DLC, the entire series is 50% off.

  • APOX = $7.49 ($14.99)
  • APOX – Four Pack = $22.48 ($44.97) or $5.62 per copy.
  • APOX and Legend DLC Combo = $9.49 ($18.99)
  • APOX: Legend DLC = $2.49 ($4.99)

100 maps and huge 32 player games!

Offer ends Monday, May 23rd at 10am PST.

I’ve never heard of this game but it sounds very interesting. It’s a RTS that includes gameplay elements from a FPS. Plus it says there’s a coop mode. I’m not sure why there’s a Steam forum for the game though. That’s usually where I try to find out if there’s an active community for the game and more info about coop modes.

See the Steam Weeklong Deal on APOX here.

EDIT: Oh yeah. Anyone know anything about this Terraria game that popped up on Steam? It looks like a side scrolling Minecraft! Here’s a video of the Yogcast team playing it.

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