D2D Midweek Munchies. Need For Speed SHIFT 2 $21.21 / £17.95

By | May 11, 2011

Direct2Drive (D2D) has a new deal up today. It’s called the Midweek Munchies sale. Today’s bargain is on the driving game Need For Speed SHIFT 2. The game is 50% off.

 NFS: SHIFT 2 is on sale for $24.95. Use promo coupon code 78D519EF29A8D387356479DCA57F91FB to save 15% off your order. Click here if the above coupon has expired to generate a new one.

The game is also on sale at Direct2Drive UK for £17.95. No coupons for D2D UK though.

EDIT: Also the EA Store has NFS: SHIFT 2 for $24.99 and NFS: Hot Pursuit for $14.99 if you use the coupon code nfsdealea8 at checkout. That’s 50% off. 

Also they just released the indie tower defense game Revenge of the Titans on D2D. It’s 20% off at both sites. The game is £7.95 (£9.95) at D2D UK. At the US D2D site it’s currently $14.95, which is the regular price. The crazy thing is I definitely saw it at the lower price like 10 minutes ago. 20% off would make it $11.96. Use the 15% off code and it drops to $10.16, which is a pretty good deal on it. Maybe they goofed and changed the deal too early, so keep an eye on it if you’re interested in picking that game up. BTW it came free with the Humble Bundle #2, so if you purchased that, you should have the game already.

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