Big Fish Games Groupon Deal again! $3 for any PC or Mac Game

By | May 4, 2011

EDIT: Updated the link to the Groupon Oklahoma City Big Fish Games Deal so 3 more days until it expires. (5/13/11)

Hmm. Looks like the Big Fish Games Groupon deal is going on again. For $3 you can buy any game on their site that’s up to $9.99 in value. It’s good on PC or Mac games.

The fine print says: Online only. Not valid for collector’s edition, iPad, or iPhone games.

Deal expires in about 3 days.

Big Fish Games is known for their awesome and seemingly endless supply of casual time management, hidden object, puzzle, adventure, etc games.

These are the perfect games to play on your netbook/laptop. Great way to get a girlfriend into gaming. Might even make a great Mother’s Day gift. My mom loves Bejeweled… I’m pretty awful at that game. Tetris all the way.

See the Big Fish list of their:


How to use Groupon

If you don’t know how Groupon works, I’ll give you a brief intro. Basically everyday for a particular city one ore more groupon deals are available on their site. The deal is usually 50% or more off the purchase of a good or service. Examples are restaurants or massages/haircuts.

The catch is the deal is only active once enough people purchase the groupon. This is usually a low amount like 10 or 20 people. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a groupon deal not get enough buyers to be honest.

This Big Fish Games groupon deal is targeted for the city of Oklahoma City Buffalo, however it’s an online deal so anyone can take advantage of it. Great way to get a cheap game.

Keep in mind it’s usually one deal per person. If you use a different email address you could technically purchase the groupon deal again. There are tricks such as using a period within your gmail to make some new address’ but that’s a totally different world.

Groupon is very reliable and legitimate. In fact google tried to buy them. Facebook has added a feature that mimicks Groupon. Amazon has their own site called LivingSocial. It’s a huge market now. (If you sign up using my link you can get free $5 in dealbucks towards the purchase of a deal on LivingSocial).

You can sign up for Groupon here.

Anyway, if you have any additional questions about Groupon definitely leave a comment and I’ll try to help you out.

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