GamersGate 5 Year Celebration Sale. Week 4. Some Hot Deals

By | March 28, 2011

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The GamersGate 5 Year Celebration Sale is entering it’s fourth and and final week. There’s a bunch of games on sale. There are some hot deals to be had. Unfortunately there are no Redeem/Coupon codes that can be used at this time.

Click here to see the entire list of games on sale.

King’s Bounty Crossworlds – $7.98 (Requires King’s Bounty: Armored Princess.)
– $2.50 (This is a really fun Indie Game. I think he made a release announcement on Reddit actually.)
Flatout Bunde Pack – $9.96 (Comes with Flatout Ultimate Carnage, Flatout, and Flatout 2.)
Disciples 2 Gold – $2.49 (Comes with Disciples 2 Dark Prophecy, Disciples 2 Galleans’s Return, and Disciples 2 Rise of the Elves Gold.)
Jagged Alliance 2 Gold – $4.99 (Comes with Jagged Alliance 2 Gold Jagged Alliance, Jagged Alliance 2 Gold Unfinished Business.)
Jagged Alliance – $1.25
Red Faction Guerilla – $9.98
Ghost Master – $1.50
Dark Matter – $3.74
Gumboy Crazy Adventures – $2.49
Shadowgrounds – $2.49
Shadowgrounds Bundle Pack – $6.24 (Comes with Shadowgrounds and Shadowgrounds Survivor.)
International Cricket Captain 2005 – $3.75
Toki Tori – $2.50
Alpha Prime – $1.24

View the rest of the games on sale here.

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