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By | March 16, 2011

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X-Com Complete bundle comes with:

X-Com UFO Defense
X-Com: UFO Defense puts you in command of X-COM, with the finest Earth technology at your disposal to defend the Earth from alien invasion. Shooting down UFOs is just the beginning. You will then control a squad of heavily-armed soldiers, edging cautiously through the local terrain, battling aliens and recovering UFO technology.

X-Com: Terror from the Deep
A vast sleeping enemy has awakened. When the colonization vessel crash landed on Earth some 65 million years ago, the emergency systems placed the aliens in suspended animation. A distress call was sent, but was never received by the aliens’ homeworld. Over the eons the computers awakened small groups of aliens to attempt colonization, but the strategies and devices were imperfect. The aliens have also sunken ships, destroyed planes and devastated remote ports over the centuries — to what end we know not.

X-Com: Interceptor
You must strategically equip your X-Com fighters, amass a formidable arsenal and then fulfill your mandate by going head-to-head with the devious element. The action is fast. And the opposing forces are wicked. But if you are smart, diligent and quick, you will prevail in a masterfully fought campaign to save our planet from perilous collapse.

X-Com: Enforcer
Alien forces have invaded Earth and are terrorizing the population. To combat this sinister threat, a lone X-Com scientist has created the Enforcer, a high-tech fighting machine made of earthly robotics and scavenged alien technology.

X-Com: Apocalypse
X-COM: Apocalypse™ is an absorbing strategy game featuring two very different key elements: Tactical Combat Missions and the Cityscape. In order to protect Mega-Primus successfully from the Alien menace, you must master both of these elements.

Price is $5. But use promo code MARCHMADNESS for 20% off which makes it $4.

This bundle has been cheaper in the past but this is the cheapest I’ve seen it go for a while now. Probably since the winter time.

Buy it now on Direct2Drive.

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