Victoria games discounted on GamersGate (and Steam) | Also new games added to 5 Year Celebration Sale

By | March 16, 2011

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New games were added to the GamersGate Sale.

You can access the games on sale by clicking here.

Some of the good games on sale are:

Victoria – $2.49
Victoria 2 – $11.98
Victoria Complete – $2.50 (Comes with Victoria: Revolutions and Victoria)
Victoria II Interwar Spritepack – $.80
Victoria: Revolutions – $2.49
Jagged Alliance – $1.25
Dangerous Waters – $3.75

Edit: D2D has Victoria II for $9.60 and Victoria Complete for $2 if you use coupon code MARCHMADNESS.

Edit2: Steam also has the Victoria games on sale for the same prices if you prefer to have all your games on that service.

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