75% Year end Game Download Deals at Amazon. $1.99 Sale on Casual Games.

By | December 23, 2010

Edit: Looks like Amazon is still adding games. I’ll update this post if any other good games come up.

Bioshock 2 $5 (Pretty damn good price!)
Mafia 2 $12.50 (This game can be activated on Steam!)


Some of the good deals are:

Ghostbusters: The Video Game $5
Kings Bounty Platinum edition $8.75
King’s Bounty: Game of the Year Edition $7.50
Kings Bounty the Legend $2.50
Chronicles of Riddick $5
Trine $5 (Steam has this for $4.99) (This is also available on D2D for $2.50!)
The Witcher – Enhanced Edition $5 (Steam has the Enhanced Edition Directors cut for the same price)
S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat $5
Painkiller: Resurrection $4.29
Two Worlds $5
Grand Theft Auto IV $5
Liberty City Stories (expansions for GTA IV) $7.50
Penumbra Collection $2.50
DowII and Dow II expansion $20
Cryostasis $3.50
..and plenty of other games. Most look like shovelware though.

Click for Amazon’s 75% sale on digital game downloads.
Amazon is also having a $1.99 sale on casual games.

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