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Serious Sam Games on Sale for 66% off. Steam Midweek Madness

The Serious Sam series of games is on sale for 66% off (except SS3). If you Preorder Serious Sam 3: BFE for $35.99 (10% off), you can buy all the other Serious Sam games for 85% off instead of 66%. Serious Sam HD Gold Edition (includes both HD Encounters below as well as the original… Read More »

Steam Weekend Deal. All Serious Sam HD games 75% off!

A new Steam Weekend Deal is up and the sale is for 75% off all Serious Sam HD games. Four packs are also available. Serious Sam HD: First Encounter = $3.74 ($14.99). Four pack = $11.24 ($44.97) or $2.81 per copy. Serious Sam HD: Second Encounter = $4.99 ($19.99). Four pack = $14.99 ($59.97) or $3.75 per copy.… Read More »