Get Games: Ubisoft Driving Week Sale

By | September 16, 2015

Get Games has an Ubisoft Driving Week Sale running. Save up to 75% off.

Driver: San Francisco $4.99 (Uplay)
Driver: San Francisco Deluxe Edition $6.24 (Uplay)
Mad Riders $2.49 (Steam)
The Crew $40.19 (Uplay)
The Crew – Extreme Pack $5.24 (Uplay)
The Crew – Raid Car Pack $5.24 (Uplay)
The Crew – Speed Car Pack $5.24 (Uplay)
The Crew – Street Edition Pack $5.24 (Uplay)
The Crew – Vintage Car Pack $5.24 (Uplay)
The Crew Gold Edition $63.74 (Uplay)
The Crew Season Pass $18.74 (Uplay)
Trials Evolution Gold Edition $4.99 (Uplay)
Trials Fusion $6.79 (Uplay)
Trials Fusion – After the Incident $1.69 (Uplay)
Trials Fusion – Empire of the Sky $1.69 (Uplay)
Trials Fusion – Fault One Zero $1.69 (Uplay)
Trials Fusion – Riders of the Rustlands $1.69 (Uplay)
Trials Fusion – Welcome to the Abyss $1.69 (Uplay)
Trials Fusion Awesome Max Edition $31.99 (Uplay)
Trials Fusion Season Pass $6.79 (Uplay)

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