Groupees: Mini 3, Eye for an Eye Bundles

By | August 12, 2015

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Groupees has a couple of new bundles available. (At least one is new)

The Mini Bundle 3
Pay $2 minimum for:

The Birdcage (DRM Free)
Dream Tale (Steam)
Moorhuhn (Crazy Chicken) (Steam)
Playing History: Vikings (Steam)
Sky Mercenaries (Steam)
OctaFuzZ Audio Works Compilation Pt.2 – Bio Waste – The 909 Addiction (Music)


Eye for an Eye Bundle
Pay $1.50 minimum for:

Predator Simulator (Steam)
City of Fools (Steam)
Treasures of Arcania (DRM Free)
Cargo 3 (Steam)
Shmadow (DRM Free)
Twistyper (DRM Free)
Darkness Within (graphic novel)
The Bat Bites (Music)
Shmadow OST (Music)

The page says there’s 810 bundles remaining for purchase.

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