Bundle Stars: Atari Sale + 2 New Bundles

By | July 17, 2015

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Bundle Stars is running an Atari Sale at their Store page.

Atari Sale Deal of the Day
Test Drive Unlimited 2 $6

Atari Sale Deals
Minimum $3
Blood Double Pack $3
Craft the World $8
Lethal League $5.71
Special Forces: Team X $4.07
Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime $2.39
Alone in the Dark $2.39
Haunted House $2.15
Plus more deals…


Two new bundles are live.

Warriors Bundle $2.99 – includes:
Kung Fu Strike: The Warrior’s Rise
Kung Fu Strike: The Warrior’s Rise – Master Level DLC
Cargo Commander
Dementium II HD
Velvet Assassin
Rush Bros
Stronghold 3 Gold

The Art of War Bundle Reloaded $2.99 – includes:
Blitzkrieg Anthology
Blitzkrieg 2 Anthology
Cossacks: European Wars
Cossacks: Art of War
Cossacks: Back to War
Cossacks: Campaign Expansion
Earth 2140
Earth 2150 Trilogy
Earth 2160
American Conquest
American Conquest: Fight Back
Cossacks II: Battle for Europe
Cossacks II: Napoleonic Wars

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