Strategy First: Thanksgiving Bundle Sale

By | November 29, 2014

Strategy First has a Thanksgiving Bundle Sale going on. There’s 12 different bundles that activate on Steam. Deal ends 12/1. Looks like the keys are seperate so you could probably gift the ones you don’t want/need.

Thanksgiving Adventure Bundle $10 -includes:
Ankh 2
Ankh 3
Culpa Innata
Jack Keane
A Vampyre Story

Thanksgiving Battle Bundle $11.74 – includes:
Disciples Sacred Lands Gold
Disciples II Galleans Return
Disciples II Rise of the Elves
Jagged Alliance II Gold

Thanksgiving Flatout Bundle $10 – includes:
Flatout 2
FlatOut 3
FlatOut Ultimate Carnage

Thanksgiving Ford Bundle $2.24 – includes:
Ford Racing Off Road
Ford Street Racing
Ford Racing 3

Thanksgiving Graviteam Core Bundle $11.24 – includes:
Graviteam Operation Star
Graviteam Sokolovo 1943

Thanksgiving Graviteam DLC Bundle $18.74 – includes:
Graviteam Shield of the Prophet
Graviteam Shilovo 1942
Graviteam Operation Hooper
Graviteam Volokonovka
Graviteam Zhalanashkol

Plus more deals…

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