GMG – Vouchers + Focus and Aldorlea deals

By | January 24, 2014

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GMG has some offers up for the weekend.

Use the voucher code DE1PDN-CS6BOF-PR9AVM for 30% off the following titles. Prices are AFTER the code has been applied.

Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD  $16 (Uplay)
Blackguards $28 (Steam)
Blackguards: Deluxe Edition $42 (Steam)
Dementium II HD $10.50 (Steam)
Guilty Gear Isuka $7 (Steam)
Gun Metal $7 (Steam)
Hitman: Contracts $4.90 (Steam)
Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance $21 (Steam)
Might & Magic X Legacy Digital Deluxe Edition $21 (Uplay)
Rekoil $7.34 (Steam)
THIEF $31.50 (Steam)
THIEF: Master Thief Edition $33.40 (Steam)
Wooden Sen’SeY $10.50 (Steam)

There’s also their 25% off voucher 33M15F-1DGAOD-YLXBYR, which is good throughout most of their site. Stacks with their Focus and Aldorlea deals. Prices below are AFTER the 25% off voucher.

Contrast $5.62 (Steam)
Final Exam $3.75 (Steam)
Farming Simulator 2013 Titanium $10.50 (Steam)
3 Stars of Destiny $3.37
Asguaard $6.51
Dreamscape $3.37
Laxius Force $2.25
Laxius Force 2 $4.50
Laxius Force 3 $6.75
Millennium A New Hope $3.14
Millennium 2 Take Me Higher $3.14
Millennium 3 $3.14
Sylia $2.92

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