Some deals up at Mac Game Store

By | March 7, 2013

The Mac Game Store has some Mac games on sale. There are also some games that are Steamplay so you could activate both the Mac and Windows versions on Steam.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent = $9.95
Assassin’s Creed 2 Deluxe Edition = $9.95
Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood Deluxe Edition = $19.95
Babel Rising = $4.99 (Steam)
Civilization IV: The Complete Edition = $24.95
Driver San Francisco Deluxe Edition = $14.99
Football Manager 2013 = $24.95 (Steam)
Heroes of Might & Magic V = $19.95
Iron Sky: Invasion = $19.99
R.U.S.E. = $4.99 (Steam)
The Settlers 7 Paths to a Kingdom: Deluxe Gold Edition = $9.99
Wargame: European Escalation = $24.99 (Steam)

I know Football Manager is more expensive than Steam’s current price but it might be cheaper to pick it up from here and activate on Steam to bypass regional pricing. For example, 25 euro is currently trading for 32 usd.

Click here to see the games currently on sale at the Mac Game Store.

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