Bundle Stars 5 – Indie MashUp Now Live

By | March 19, 2013

The Bundle Stars team has bundle #5 live on their site. Called the Indie MashUp.

Pay $1.25 / £1.00 / €1.17 to get:
StarDrone (DRM Free)
Jazz: Trump’s Journey (DRM Free)

Pay $4.96 / £3.94 / €4.59 and you get the above plus:
Tank Universal (Steam)
Vigil: Blood Bitterness (Steam)
Still Life (Steam)
Still Life 2 (Steam)
Crash Time 2 (Steam)
Chrome (Steam)


Bundle #4: Fire & Ice is still available for purchase for $4.95. The final game for that bundle was just unlocked. The game is Last Half of Darkness: SOTSM. That brings the entire list for bundle #4 to:

Tiny Troopers
Darkness Within 1
Darkness Within 2
Adam’s Venture 1
Adam’s Venture 2
Adam’s Venture 3
Armada 2526
Last Half of Darkness: Secret of the Serpant Moon

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