Groupees Be Mine Anniversary Bundle

By | February 14, 2013

Groupees has a new indie game bundle deal up. Called the Be Mine Anniversary (BMA) Bundle.

Pay a minimum of $1 and you get:
Eschalon Book II (Steam)
iBomber Defense Pacific (Steam)
Livalink (DRM-Free but there’s a Steam Greenlite page for this)
Party of Sin (Steam)

Pay $5 or more and you’ll get the above plus:
Men of War: Assault Squad (Steam)
Two Worlds 2 (Steam)
Edna & Harvey: Harvey’s New Eyes (Steam)
Planets Under Attack (Steam)
Mystery Game (Possibly Major Mayhem)

Click here to see the Groupees Be Mine Anniversary (BMA) Bundle

One thought on “Groupees Be Mine Anniversary Bundle

  1. Martin Holas

    Dungeons The Dark Lord (Steam Special Edition) bonus added. After two not so good groupee bundles this is totally worth letting (more than) 5 bucks! And still one bonus game to go…

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