Update on $10 Square Pack at Amazon + AvP Pricematch

By | October 15, 2012

OK quick update on the $9.99 Absolutely Great Square Pack at Amazon. Looks like new keys are incoming so the deal should be live again soon. The problem is Squaresoft is only authorizing this final order so after that the Deal of the week will be changed to something else. Possibly 25% off all titles except for X-Com or Borderlands 2 or $19.99 for Sleeping Dogs.

The second order of business is it appears Amazon has price matched the Aliens vs. Predator Steam daily deal. It’s on sale for $3.74. However, you can use the $2 off promotional claim code SQRLUVIO that expires once the $10 square bundle goes live again. That would make it only $1.74 and it uses Steamworks, so Steam activation is required.


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