Get Games Get Loaded. 2 games for $15/£10/€12. Six choices

By | October 26, 2012

Get Games has brought back their Get Loaded deal for the weekend. Lasts 72 hours according to the offer page. Choose any two games and you pay only $15.00 / £10.00 / €12.00

The games you can select from are:
Batman Arkham City GOTY EditionNon-Steam
IL-2 Cliffs of Dover – Steamworks
The Darkness II – Steamworks
Metro 2033 – Steamworks
Serious Sam: The Second Encounter HD – Steamworks

Honestly the choices are pretty bad. This would only be a good buy if you pick up at least Batman, Darkness II, or Cliffs of Dover. Serious Sam has been under $3 and Metro 2033 is on sale for $5 almost all the time.

Click here to see the Get Games Get Loaded deal.

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