Green Light Indie Game Bundle, Pay What You Want

By | August 26, 2012

The Green Light Indie Game Bundle is live. This is a Pay What You Want indie game bundle with a $1 minimum.

The games are all DRM-free but it’s called the Green light bundle because all of these games are trying to get on Steam through their Greenlight program. Basically if enough people vote for a game to be on Steam, Valve might actually add that game onto their service. So these guys want you to buy their games and give them a try. If you like it they are asking you to vote for their game to be added to Steam. The bonus is if it actually gets added to Steam, you’ll also get a key for that service.

For a $1 you’ll get:

  • Ichi
  • Muffin Knight
  • Dino Run SE
  • Syder Arcade

For $5 or more you’ll also get:

  • Samurai II Vengeance
  • Gunman Clive
  • Paper Monsters
  • Guerilla Bob
  • Bonus: Soundtracks

This bundle ends in 12 days.

Click here to see the Green Light Bundle deal.


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