GMG Borderlands deal. $37.50. Ends at 7PM EST. Steamworks

By | August 3, 2012

Reader Tom sent this over to me. (Thanks!)

GreenManGaming is back with the deal, only for 24 hours!

At checkout, use coupon:

Resulting price: $37.50

Coupon will expire 1100 UTC August 4th!! (That’s 7PM EST)

I don’t know about you guys but I’m ready to play :P. Got so many games in my backlog and on pre-order omg. Just bought a $250 Teknic 2 piece racing suit (Thanks SBTG) and some Insurrection gauntlets. So broke now! All the snowboarding gear is going on sale for cheap now too… Time to get a second job doign MTURKs on Amazon lol.

One thought on “GMG Borderlands deal. $37.50. Ends at 7PM EST. Steamworks

  1. Scott

    Even though I will be busy with GW2… purchase… can’t beat that price. Best you can hope for even by christmas will be a 50% mark down (I would assume).. so 30 bucks.. I’ll pay 7 more for release date.

    Hope they didnt mess the PC version like last time though…

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