Indie Royale; Jubilee Bundle. 7/24 – 7/31. Pay What You Want

By | July 24, 2012

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Indie Royale has a Jubilee Bundle deal up. Runs from 7/24 – 7/31. Pay What You Want.

Comes with the following:

  • Puzzle Agent for: steam (pc, mac), windows, mac, desura –
  • Geneforge Saga for: steam (pc), windows, mac, desura
  • Oniken for: windows, desura (and OST)
  • Mutant Storm Reloaded for: steam (pc), windows, desura
  • SWIFT☆STITCH for: windows, mac, desura (including bonus game: Rose and Time)
  • Unepic for: windows, desura (includes “Royale Ring” + 100 “Unepic Credits”)

There’s a bonus game also:

You can read more about the bundle here.

How the Indie Royale deals work:
– Bundles are (usually) available as a pre-order at first for a minimum of $3.99.
– Once the actual deal goes live it starts out at a miminum of $3.99.
– For every purchase the price of the bundle goes up by $0.01.
– If someone purchases the bundle for more than the current price, the starting cost of the bundle goes down

Current minimum price of the bundle is $5.03.

Click here to see the Indie Royale Jubilee Bundle deal.

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