GMG; New 20% off voucher plus Dark Souls Pre-order Deal

By | July 23, 2012

Green Man Gaming (GMG) has put out a new 20% off voucher code good for anything at their store.  Use the voucher code PARTP-ALCNO-TIESU (expires August 1st) at checkout to get the discount.

It works on pre-orders for Dark Souls and Legend of Pegasus (which is currently 15% off).

Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition = $39.99 or $32.00 after voucher.
Legend of Pegasus = $33.99 or $27.20 after voucher

Both of the games use Steamworks, so they’ll need to be activated on Steam. Keep in mind that Dark Souls also requires GFWL.

Edit: Wanted to clear something up. One of the GMG forum moderators checked with his team and found out they are selling Steamworks keys on the site, so their copies require Steam. The game also has a GFWL requirement.

This doesn’t mean globally Dark Souls uses Steamworks + GFWL. Only pertains to the copies GMG is currently selling. For example, you can also buy the game from GamersGate but that version uses SecuRom +  GFWL. (Update: Looks like GamersGate changed the description to say it’s a Steamworks game. So it looks like the game will be a combo DRM package of Steamworks + GFWL similar to DiRT 3.)

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