GameStop; Fall of the Samurai $10 (1st 500) + Weekend Deals

By | July 13, 2012

GameStop has Total War: Shogun 2: Fall of the Samurai on sale for $9.99 / £8.33 / €9.99 (66% off) as their Flash Sale Friday deal. Only available for the first 500 people. I’m not sure why they included UK and Euro prices. Maybe it’s actually available outside of North America for once? BTW the game uses Steamworks, so Steam activation is required.

Theirs still the crappy 40% off Paradox games sale going on but on Saturday there will be a bigger discount on King Arthur and Victoria on Sunday.

Today’s deal is 75% off the Hearts of Iron III series. The Hearts of Iron III Collection is on sale for $7.49 or you can pick up the pieces seperately. The collection comes with:

  • Hearts of Iron III: Dies Irae Stars & Stripes
  • Hearts of Iron III: For the Motherland
  • Hearts of Iron III: Soviet Infantry Pack
  • Hearts of Iron III: German Sprite Pack 2
  • Hearts of Iron III – Semper Fi
  • Hearts of Iron III
  • Hearts of Iron 3 – German Infantry Sprite Pack
  • Hearts of Iron 3 – Japanese Infantry Sprite Pack
  • Hearts of Iron 3 – Soviet Sprite Pack
  • Hearts of Iron 3 – Soviet Music Pack
  • Hearts of Iron III: US Sprite Pack
  • Hearts of Iron III: German Sprite Pack

The Steller Impact Budle is on sale for $6.49 (50% off) until Monday. It comes with:

  • Stellar Impact: Support Ship DLC
  • Stellar Impact: Carrier Ship DLC
  • Stellar Impact: Artillery Ship DLC
  • Stellar Impact

The Men of War franchise is on sale for 60% off until Tuesday. The games are:

  • Men of War: Condemned Heroes = $11.99
  • Men of War: Vietnam = $13.99
  • Men of War: Vietnam Special Edition = $15.99
  • Men of War Bundle = $39.98
  • Men of War: Assault Squad = $11.99
  • Men of War = $5.99
  • Men of War: Red Tide = $7.99

Click here to see all the games on sale for the Weekend at GameStop Impulse.

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