Borderlands GOTY $7.49 + 20% off. Borderlands 2 20% off, GMG

By | July 26, 2012

Oooh great deal from GMG. Use their 20% off voucher PARTP-ALCNO-TIESU to get some really good deals on Borderlands which is on sale for 75% off.

Green Man Gaming also put up Borderlands 2 for pre-order. It’s $49.99 but use the 20% off voucher and it’s only $40.00! Cheapest price yet.  Update: Apparently they put the game up for the wrong price so now it’s $59.99 – 20% off = $48. So lame. I had that thing in my cart and it wouldn’t let me check out… So pissed. Comes with Borderlands Premier Club access. Also it uses Steamworks.

It’s funny because PARTP-ALCNO-TIESU spelled backwards is USE IT ON CLAP TRAP!

claptrap dancing
(I’m dancing I’m dancing)

2 thoughts on “Borderlands GOTY $7.49 + 20% off. Borderlands 2 20% off, GMG

  1. Scott

    Damn so close. i figured they must of had price wrong, wonder how many people grabbed it before they changed.  48 bucks still not bad… but not as impulsive as 40 lol

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