Indie Royale Graduation Bundle. The Void, The Ship, More

By | May 30, 2012

The latest Indie Royale deal is up. The Graduation Bundle is on sale for a week. Pay What You Want.

It comes with:

  • The Void for: steam (pc), windows, desura
  • Dead Pixels for: windows, desura – an Indie Royale-exclusive PC debut!
  • The Ship for: steam (pc) – includes 2 extra giftable Steam keys!
  • 1000 Amps for: steam (pc and mac), windows, mac, desura
  • LaserCat for: windows, desura
  • BONUS: AirMech for: steam (beta), windows, desura

Pay more than $7 and you’ll get Cheap Dinosaurs’ acclaimed self-titled chiptune-rock album.

The nice thing about The Ship is it comes with 1 Steam key foryourself and 2 to give away to friends.

How the Indie Royale deals work:
– Bundles are (usually) available as a pre-order at first for a minimum of $3.99.
– Once the actual deal goes live it starts out at a miminum of $3.99.
– For every purchase the price of the bundle goes up by $0.01.
– If someone purchases the bundle for more than the current price, the starting cost of the bundle goes down

Current minimum price of the bundle is $4.62.

Click here to see the Indie Royale Graduation Bundle deal.

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