Disciples II Gold Edition Free until 1100 UTC Saturday @ GMG

By | May 24, 2012

As part of the GMG Birthday Celebration, Disciples II Gold Edition is Free until 1100 UTC Saturday. So for about 48 hours.

It has a trade in value so you can either play it for free and trade it in for store credit or just get the game for the credit. Sometimes they do double credit promos also so you could wait for one of those deals.

Right now I think the GMG site is getting hammered, but you have 48 hours so keep trying.

4 thoughts on “Disciples II Gold Edition Free until 1100 UTC Saturday @ GMG

  1. Moiz Mansoor V.

    It specifically states on the GMG webpage for Disciples II that the game cannot be traded in. 

    1. w00py Post author

      Good catch. Looks like they disabled that option for now. This was in the email from GMG though.

      If Disciples 2 isn’t your thing, don’t fear! After the free promotion, you’ll be able to trade in Disciples for $5 or £3 credit towards ANY game on the site!

      So, best oppurtunity to maximize trade in credit would be right after the promo probably.

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