Indie Buskers, 5 Free Indie Games, Pay If You Want, Exp Soon

By | April 30, 2012

Indie Buskers is a bundle of 5 indie games. It’s the product of a game development jam. (Devs crank out a game in a short amount of time usually streaming video of the coding live.)

The bundle is free but it’s Pay If You Want. So if you’re feeling generous you can donate some cash to some devs.

It comes with the following games:

  • Rose and Time
  • The Sun is Deadly
  • Super Office Stress
  • Pirate Space Program
  • Pakkuman Defense

IndieGameMag has some first impressions of some of the games if you want to know more.

This free offer expires in about 3 hours so get in quick if you’re interested!

Click here to see check out the Indie Buskers indie game bundle.

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