Amazon Game Downloads Spring Sale Live

By | April 5, 2012

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The Amazon Game Downloads Spring Sale that was previewed in this post is now Live. Over 150 games are on sale plus over 300 casual games are also on sale.

The sale will run from April 5 – 15, unless Amazon decides to end it early.

Keep in mind Amazon will post if a game Requires Steam or Origin but they won’t list if a game Activates on either. So what I mean is there are games that need Steam or Origin to run but there are games that you can add to the service but it’s optional.

I’m definitely thinking about picking up Serious Sam 2 (Steamworks). Love that series. LA Noire (DRM free) is so damn cheap too. My problem is figuring out what I already own and finding the time to play. Not to mention I just picked up a new (to me) motorcycle and spent boatload of money on parts/new gear. What are you guys picking up?

I know it says US only for their digital downloads but a lot of overseas customers will just make an account with a fake US adress to pick up games. It’s a great way to avoid regional pricing. Just keep in mind some games are still region restricted so you should check first to see if you can activate a game in your region on Steam/Origin/whatever.

Also one tip. The cart system for the Amazon digital downloads is terrible so you can only do 1 game purchase at a time. If you plan on buying a bunch of games at once it can be annoying and your credit card company might flag your card for fraud. What I usually do is figure out what I want to buy and total it all up. Pick up an Amazon gift card for the total and email it to myself. Activate that gift card and buy what I want. That results in only one credit card transaction. I don’t know if it’s necessary but that’s how I do it. Also that’s quicker if you choose not to store CC info on the site.

Click here to see the list of games that activate on Steam.
Click here to see the list of games that activate on Origin.

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