This Week’s Deals at Green Man Gaming

By | March 20, 2012

Green Man Gaming has put up a blog post with the game deals for the week.

For customers:

3 thoughts on “This Week’s Deals at Green Man Gaming

  1. Marsman

    Frankly Green man gaming sales are mostly lousy and so-so at best.

    Why they even claim to have the “Cheapest Deals” is beyond me. Amazon, Get Games and even Gamersgate beat them back over tenfold.

    1. w00py Post author

      Haha I agree some of their deals are questionable but they have had pretty good pre-order deals in the past. Also I think they charge in USD or UK in certain overseas countries that usually use Euro. So prices end up being lower for them then they usually would be. Another thing to keep in mind is that some games have relatively high tradeback prices. For example Alien shooter costs $3.16 but has a trade in value of $2.37. If you just wanted to play over the weekend it would only cost you $0.79. That’s just an example though. Not all trade-ins have that kind of percentage.

  2. Guest

    To be far to green man I got skyrim at <$30usd a month or 2 back, which is still the best online deal for skyrim to date. (not including physical copies)

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