Special Deal on Mass Effect 3 @ GamesPlanet. £29.75 / 42,49€

By | March 8, 2012

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There’s a Special Deal on Mass Effect 3 at GamesPlanet. The price for the game will be £29.75 / 42,49€.

*Offer available on GamesPlanet UK (£29.75 £34.99), France (42.49€ 49,99€) and Germany (46,71€ 54,95€) from March 8 to 12 included. Limited to 100 units.

The deal requires a special code that will be revealed on March 8th. It’s limited to 100 units. I’m not sure when the deal will get posted. Looks like the previous deal was posted at 4AM EST.

If you’re interested in the deal I recommend you “Like” the GamesPlanet Facebook page. The deal gets posted to their Special Deal tab.

I think GP is a UK based company. They seem pretty legit. I got a free copy of Trackmania^2 from them via an Intel promotion.

Mass Effect 3 needs to be activated on Origin.


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