Indie Face Kick: Wham Bam! Bundle Live, $10 or $20

By | March 26, 2012

The Indie Face Kick: Wham Bam! Bundle deal is live Live. Ten dollars for the bundle or $20 for the bundle + a limited edition IFK t-shirt.

indie face kick bundle

It comes with the following games:

Sol Survivor | Steam Page | 75/100 metascore
Still Life 2 | Steam Page | 67/100 metascore
Booster Trooper | Steam Page
PAM – Post Apocalyptic Mayhem | Steam Page | 44/100 metascore
Avencast: Rise of the Mage | Steam Page | 68/100 metascore
Dead Horde | Steam Page | 45/100 metascore
Runespell: Overture | Steam Page | 69/100 metascore
Greed: Black Border | Steam Page

All of them activate on Steam. 20% of all proceeds go to charity.

Click here to see the Indie Face Kick: Wham Bam! Bundle deal.

3 thoughts on “Indie Face Kick: Wham Bam! Bundle Live, $10 or $20

    1. w00py Post author

      Honestly I haven’t purchased this bundle yet. Still on the fence. Been racking up expenses lately. However, I know that they should be sending the activation keys to the paypal email address you used to pay for the bundle though. Also they have a Steam community page that they seem to follow, which includes a chat room in case you need support.

  1. Kevin

    i pre-ordered and mine has arrived (minus greed which hasn’t come yet but should soon – there were some problems with them apparently).

    pretty good bundle i think :) Booster trooper also came with a bunch of gift passes for friends

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